"Ford Escape "And Is Better" TV Commercial | Bed OR Breakfast" 
This ad begins with a woman opening up the rear gate on her Ford Escape, and mentioning that it's a smart idea. She and her husband are happy that the SUV comes with a foot-activated lift gate AND great MPGs. Which, of course, is better than the lift gate OR great mileage. They then think about what it would be like if they just stayed in a bed OR breakfast instead of a bed AND breakfast. After choosing the "bed" option, they come downstairs in the morning to everyone asleep at the breakfast table because they didn't get a bed.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

That's just brilliant. 
I know. Foot-activated lift gate and great gas mileage. 
That's much better than a foot-activated lift gate OR great gas mileage. 
Yeah, that would be like us going to a bed or breakfast. 
Glad we picked bed. 
I like "and" better. 
And is better. The 2014 Escape. Only the Ford gives you Ecoboost Fuel Economy, and a lot more. Go further.

Written Text

Ecoboost Fuel Economy 
Go further

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