"Citroën DS3 2013 UK TV Advert" 
This ad begins with several different types of people marching like they are part of an army. The first group are prim and proper women in pantsuits, jewelry, purses, and tiny dogs. The next group are techies in suits with earphones and tablet computers. Another is women in big sunglasses, pulled back hair, and newspapers. Lastly, is a group of men in sunglasses, blue shirts and jeans. They all meet up at a roundabout with a statue of a man on a horse.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Challenge convention. Citroen DS3 - voted best super-mini in the 2013 what car JD Power survey. 
Citroen creative technology. 
C'est pour la petite bourgeoisie qui flâne à Hawaï 
C'est pour tous les quotas français que j'parle plus anglais 
I'm not crazy, I'm just fond of you

Written Text

Challenge convention 
Citroen DS3 
Ultra Customisable 
Creative Technologie

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