" Flava Time! Commercial Full Length Version"

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Is your food bland all the time? Condiment problems? Well, if there's a flavor crime, it's Flava Time. Flava Time spice-dispensing timepieces give you all your favorite flavors right when you need them most. 
It's Flava Time! 
Classic, Deluxe, Mexican. 
It's Flava Time! 
Flava Time's designed to be discrete, and even comes in a convenient ankle bracelet. 
It's Flava Time! 
Coming soon - maple syrup and walnuts 
It's Flava Time! 
My, my, my, my food tastes, so good 
Flava Time makes it taste like it should 
It's Flava Time. 
It's Flava Time! 
If you have severe or unusual urges to discharge condiments while wearing Flava Time, contact your doctor or condiment professional. 
Flava Time saved our marriage. 
It's Flava Time! 
It's Flava Time!

Written Text

Flava Time, FlavaTime, Flavor Time, FlavorTime 
Mexican, Classic, Deluxe 
Cilantro, Oregano, Chili, Pepper, Salt, Thyme, Rosemary 
Coming soon... 
Maple syrup, walnuts 
FlavaTime is not for everyone. People with condiment addiction should not use FlavaTime. If you have condiment allergies or allergic reactions due to over-condimentation or other flavorings of any kind, do not use FlavaTime. In rare cases, various appetite problems such as a sudden case of the munchies due to the ease and proximity of FlavaTime can occur without warning. The most common side effect in clinical trials was OCS, or Over-Condimentation Sensation, a rare afflication of the taste buds sometimes brought on by increased use of condiments, which can result in drooling, salivating, or smacking of the lips. Tell your doctor if you think you have OCS, or any symptoms similar to it. FlavaTime should not be used in late stages of diet plans or weight loss programs. If you believe you may be involved in a food fight, FlavaTime should be immediately disabled, or if you have other severe of unusual urges to discharge condiments at another living person while wearing FlavaTime, call your doctor, or other condiment professional immediately. FlavaTime is not responsible for anything. At all. Please use FlavaTime responsibly.

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