"Moto X Ad - Moto Maker" 
Thousands of ways to customize. One phone that's truly yours.  
This ad shows many of the things people like to customize. One man drives a tricked out motorcycle. Another scene shows someone who has given their French Bulldog a makeover with red sunglasses and a hoodie. After this, a women is then seen with an arm covered in tattoos. Then comes the Moto X and the thousands of customizations you can choose from when ordering one on the MotoMaker web site. You can choose the colors of the front, back, and even the buttons and earbuds. After picking how it looks on the outside, you can even set up your start screen and pre-load your background wallpaper so the smartphone is set up exactly how you like it before you buy it.

Written Text

Your Ride 
Your Pet 
Your Body 
Your Phone 
Moto X 
Thousands Of Ways To Customize 
Moto X 
Designed By You At 
A Google Company

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