"AT&T Presents #BeTheFan: Game Day Superstition"

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If your team's off to a good start it's not because of shrewd play calling or a snap defense, it's because of fan rituals, like drinking pickle juice on every third and short.  
AT&T presents Be The Fan. 
If your receiver dropped the pass, you probably think it's because the quarterback overthrew it. Wrong! He dropped it because Michael Wiggins of 743 Oak Valley Road shaved his lucky mustache! 
It was, it was itchy.  
Good thing I brought back up. 
This week's challenge is to share your game day ritual or superstition in a pic, video or tweet #BeTheFan because players don't win games, fans do. Duh. 
Enter the sweepstakes every week by tackling coach's challenge hashtag your entry, #BeTheFan and share it for your chance to win a V.I.P. trip to ESPN College Game Day. 
Coach, chicken wing? 
Never eat poultry when the score's tied! Take care, it was really good seeing you. 
Good seeing you. 
Love to the family.  
You too.

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Fan Coach 
AT&T Presents #BeTheFan 
Show Me Your Game Day Ritual or Superstition 
College Game Day 
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