Popcorn, French Fry and Peanut race for the finish line between innings at a baseball game. One of these snacks is a winner, but they all lose when it comes to keeping the Honda Odyssey clean. It's the first minvan with an available built-in vacuum 
"The 2014 Honda Odyssey- Mascots"

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And they're off! Here comes the popcorn on the inside, french fry in the middle, oh! The Peanut's going down! Oh no, he recovers! Here he comes and peanut is the winner! Look at peanut! He was a track star in high school. Shake it, don't break it peanut, oh! What happened? 
They can run, but they can't hide. Introducing the first minivan with an available built-in vacuum. The redesigned Odyssey from Honda. Official vehicle of Little League.

Written Text

The Honda Odyssey 
Official vehicle of Little League 

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