This ad features a woman at the Walgreens drive-through pharmacy window. After getting her prescriptions, she earns points on a ton of other things which start appearing in the vacuum tube. She starts to pull out things like nail polish, chocolate candy, a teddy bear, a bottle of perfume, headphones, and even a dancing cat.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Now we can all be at the corner of just another just another prescription and sweet - something just for me. With Walgreens balance rewards, everyday trips to the pharmacy earn you 500 points for each prescription you fill, and 500 more for immunizations. Points you can redeem for, well, almost anything. Get 5 dollars in reward points when you fill ten prescriptions right here at the corner of happy and healthy.

Written Text

Walgreens Drive Thru Pharmacy 
W at the corner of  
Balance rewards 
Get $5 in reward points 
Walgreens at the corner of happy & healthy.

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