EmpireCovers Presents Protect Your Assets 
A jealous neighbor is no match for EmpireCovers. Watch EmpireCovers protective covers in action; a car cover protects a Camaro SSRS from water, a motorcycle cover protects a Harley Davidson from snow, a grill cover protects a grill from UV rays, and a carport protects a dog from a meteoroid. Hundreds of covers are available at so Protect Your Assets before it's too late! 
"Funny Commercial by EmpireCovers"

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Empire Covers presents Protect Your Assets. Starring The Amazing Moe and Rob the Great. 
Sporty little guy, there. 
Magic, magic, magic! 
What? Has this ever happened to you? Your car's finish ruined by dark magic? If so, call on Empire Covers, the outdoor protective expert's like magic. With speedy delivery, you can protect the assets you love in an instant.  
Moe! It's dinner time! 
Not now, ma! Magic this! Helios hello! 
No matter what mother nature throws at you, relax. Empire has you covered. 
Meteoris rex! 
Really, Moe? A meteor? 
At my dog?! 
So visit to protect the things you love from the things you hate.  
Moe! It's dinner time!

Written Text

Empire Covers 
Protect Your Assets 
The Amazing Moe 
Rob the Great

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