Shows a girl riding in a Town and Country Minivan looking out the window at a scenic mountain view (we build viewmasters). Shows a woman in her T&C backing up out of a parking space with a speeding car coming up behind her. She notices the car in the rear-view camera (we build secuirty cameras). Another scene shows a group of children piling into the van (we build troop transports). Then two women are shown hugging goodbye while a man closes the back hatch of a fully packed Town & Country (we build moving vans). A large family is shown watching a movie on the dual DVD players (we build TV stations).

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At Chrysler, we build viewmasters. 
We build security cameras. 
We build troop transports. 
We build moving vans. 
We build TV stations. 
We build the 25MPG Chrysler Town & Country. 
Come see what we're building for you.

Written Text

At Chrysler, We Build Viewmasters 
We Build Security Cameras 
We Build Troop Transports 
We Build Moving Vans 
We Build TV Stations 
Come see what we're building for you

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