Bill is talking, but the man with the neck tattoo is just not listening. If only the man with the tattoo was more like Bill's DirecTV, which has voice control. 
"TV Commercial - DirecTV - Voice Control - Fight Club"

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Wait, I think you have the wrong guy here. 
Bill is talking. But the man with the neck tattoo is just not listening. 
There's been some kind of mistake. 
If only he was more like Bill's Direct TV. With Directv voice control, all Bill has to say is 
Find romantic comedies. 
And there they are. Right now, Bill is looking forward to watching Love Actually, and looking forward to blacking out soon. Search and record with just your voice. Call 1-800-DIRECTV

Written Text

Search and record with your voice. 
Package offers starting at $24.99/mo. 

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