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"Beats Studio Headphones"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What do you think? 
I know, right? 
(Lyrics) Do what you want don't stop this party 
Do what you want, what u want with my body 
Do what you want 
What you want with my body 
Write what you want 
Say what you want bout me 
If you’re wondering 
Know that I’m not sorry 
Ya we taking these haters and we roughin' 'em up 
And we laying in the cut like we don't give a  
You can’t have my heart 
And you won't use my mind but 
Do what you want (with my body)

Written Text

Lady Gaga 
"Do What U Want" ft. R. Kelly 
ARTPOP (Available 11.11) 
New Sound 
Noise Canceling 
New Beats Blue Studio 
Only at Best Buy

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