The Galaxy Note 3 rewrites the rules of innovation. With an enhanced S Pen, revolutionary multitasking functionality, and an ability to connect in a whole new way with Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy Note 3 is redefining mobile.  
"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 -- Redefining Mobile"

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 
Rewrites the rules of innovation 
S Pen 
Turns handwriting into action 
action memo 
Lauren Cole 
424 216 4574 
And multi-tasks with ease 
Pen Window 
Sunday Ride 
6:30 AM 
Makes other phones camera shy 
Drama Shot 
And lets you connect in a whole new way 
Smart Relay 
Jon Hall 
12:45 PM 
Message on Gear 
Sounds great what time? 
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear 
The Next Big Thing Is Here 
Samsung Galaxy

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