Toyota Camry SE isn't just a reliable car. It's a heck of a thrill ride.  
"2013 Toyota Camry SE Commercial | Toyota Camry Thrill Ride"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Exciting probably isn't the word that I would describe a Camry. 
Gotta buckle up. 
It's the car that you go grocery shopping in.  
It doesn't seem exciting. 
I'm scared. 
Here we go. Have a great ride. 
Just like a rollercoaster. 
I love this car. 
Are you serious? 
I had no idea we were capable of doing something like that. 
I'll take back what I said earlier about the Camry. 
Like, made me look at Camry different. 
I'm shaking right now. 
Toyota Camry. Let's go places.

Written Text

Let's Go Places 
Camry Thrill Ride 

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