"Apple - iPad Air - TV AD - Pencil" 
This ad for the new Apple iPad Air, narrated by Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad), begins by showing a pencil sitting on a desk. The camera slowly moves closer and closer to the pencil as desk's setting changes from an apartment to a library, a music room to a conference room, a fashion studio to a lab as well as many other locations. As the narrator speaks, we think he is talking about the pencil, but then someone comes along and picks up the iPad Air which is so thin that it was sitting behind the pencil the whole time.

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It's an extremely simple tool, but also extremely powerful. It can be used to start a poem, or finish a symphony. It has transformed the way we work, learn, create, share... It's used to illustrate things, solve things, and think of new things. It's used by scientists and artists and scholars and students. It's been to classrooms, boardrooms, expeditions - even to space, and we can't wait to see where you'll take it next. Introducing the thinner, lighter, more powerful iPad Air.

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iPad Air

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