"The Best Man Holiday - TV Spot 7"

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Christmas in New York. 
Ho ho ho. 
They haven't seen each other in years. 
Fellas, fellas, fellas.  
Man, we used to be best friends.  
What? I won't bite. This time.  
But when these friends get together... 
At some point we have to tell them. 
...nobody's secret... 
Did you know about this? safe. 
This is on Youtube. 
Damn. Your wife is a freak.  
Hey. Can I use your phone, I can't get a signal. 
The Best Man Holiday. Rated R. In theaters November 15th. 
(Lyrics) And if you know anything 
Bout loving anyone 
Somehow you got to be satisfied

Written Text

The Best Man Holiday 
November 15 

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