"Disney's Frozen "Whole World" Extended TV Spot"

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This Thanksgiving... 
Aaaaah! It's alive! 
You're creepy. 
...strange things happen. 
Why are you hanging off the earth like a bat? 
When the whole world... 
It's getting colder by the minute. frozen. 
We just have to survive this blizzard! 
That's no blizzard. That's my sister.  
From the creators of Wreck-It Ralph 
Hang on! 
And Tangled,  
I like fast! Jump Sven! 
I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs! 
Those are my legs. 
Hey, do me a favor, grab my butt. Oh, that feels better. 
On November 27th, Disney takes adventure by storm.  
It is not nice to throw snow people! 
Whoa. Run! 
Disney's Frozen, this Thanksgiving. Rated PG. 
(Lyrics) The cold never bothered me anyway  
Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen 
You won’t find me, the past is so behind me 
And here I stand 
And here I’ll stay 
Let it go, let it go

Written Text

This Thanksgiving 
Disney Presents 
From the creators of 
Wreck-It Ralph 

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