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"Toyota Hall of Fame Fantasy Football: Counting"

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This season, I'm looking for players with determination and concentration. And guts and cunning and patience. Bravery, guile, attitude, a keen eye, and luck! But I'm also trying to find players with brains, courage, endless Buffalo wings, a sofa, a (BLEEP) TV and a whole lot of heart. I forget anything? Nope. 
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What makes a hall of famer? 
1. Determination 
2. Concentration 
3. Guts 
4. Cunning 
5. Patience 
6. Bravery 
7. Guile 
8. Attitude 
9. A Keen Eye 
10. Luck!! 
11. Brains 
12. Courage 
13. Buffalo Wings? 
14. A Sofa?? 
15. A **** TV! 
16. A Whole Lot Of Heart 
Got what it takes? Nominate yourself at 
Let's Go Places

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