In celebration of our love of a proper brew, we made a song full of facts about how tea can benefit you in your everyday life.  
"The Tea Song - by Yorkshire Tea"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm really sorry, this just isn't working anymore.  
Yeah, you'll thank me eventually. You'll be fine, you just need a cup of tea. 
(Lyrics) A graze or minor injury, there's tea 
There's tea 
You took an arrow to the knee, have tea  
Oh tea 
Even winners of the Monaco Grand Prix drink tea 
Hot is drunk by the bourgeoisie, probably 
Lightly change the course of history 
Lovely cup of tea 
When Monday leaves you feeling blue and your boss has a rage that you can't subdue 
You'll likely see his point of view, if you just sit down and have a brew 
If zombies come back from the dead 
And you're all tapped up inside your bed 
Put down your guns, use tea instead 
Then use the cup to smash their heads 
Sarah, can we just talk? Sarah? 
(Lyrics - continued) Your legs trapped underneath debris, there's tea 
There's tea 
You feel a burning when you pee, have tea 
Oh tea 
Been sectioned for insanity 
More British than the Jubilee 
I even heard it made a blind man see 
Lovely cup of tea 
It makes you sexy, ripped and brave 
Brings childhood pets back from the grave 
Puts curly hair upon your chest 
It's just like a bulletproof vest 
Cleans pollution, grime and smog 
Gives a glossy coat to your dog 
Could reduce the deficit of Greece 
Unite and sooth a breach of peace 
Use it to clean off your make-up 
Or feel better for a messy break up

Written Text

This important message was brought to you by 
Yorkshire Tea 
(Note: Some of the facts in this film may be wishful and/or untrue)

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