He doesn't have an ulterior motive. All he really wants is for you to be comfortable. Yup, that's what our Diamond Walnut Cookie Balls recipe can do. 
"Sweatpants: Diamond Walnut Cookie Balls Recipe"

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Hey you. Thanks for making these walnut cookie balls. They're amazing. You know what? Will you please slip into your sweatpants? Yeah, I know that you worry that they don't flatter your figure. A high waist, unforgiving 95% cotton, 5% poly and that scrunchie thing around the ankles. But you don't have to wear certain clothes for me. You being totally comfortable is so hot. Plus we both know it doesn't matter what you wear. I'm so attracted to your brain.

Written Text

Diamond Nut Fantasies 
Bake And You Shall Receive 
Diamond of California

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