"Masters of Sex : Season 1: Tease - America's First Sex Researchers"

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I simply want to answer the question, what happens to the body during sex? 
You will be labeled a pervert. 
The study of sex is the study of the beginning of all life. 
How does an orgasm feel for a woman? Fantastic. 
This study is not approved. And I need an assistant. 
How can I help? 
Dangerous game you're playing. 
It's not a game. 
When has a nonstarter ever stopped us? You? 
People were having sex in front of you. 
Any study that lands you in jail is probably not good for your career. 
I've never done that before. 
Did what I do to you feel good? 
I warned you about discussing the study with him. 
You defied me. 
Can we speak about what's really going on here? 
(Lyrics) Say you careful nothing but me

Written Text

A Visionary Man 
A Progressive Woman 
America's First Sex Researchers 
It Wasn't Just About Science 
It Was About Chemistry 
Masters of Sex 
New Episodes 
Sundays 10PM ET/PT 
Beginning September 29th 

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