This video is a friendly reminder about the mishaps that may occur if your auto insurance policy doesn't include a simple bit of inexpensive coverage called Rental Reimbursement. Rental Reimbursement covers you for a rental when your car is being repaired after an accident - so you don't have to borrow a car from the family, or pay for a rental out of pocket. Considering the average length of a collision repair is 13 days, you might just want to think about that. 
"My 13 Days"

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Ten days? 
Yeah, give or take, but, ooh. No rental car coverage. You got something to drive, right? 
Yeah, I got... 
Slipped on the gravel. Love that car. 
Come on, come on, come on, come on! 
Oh, thank you. 
Hey, Mr. Newton, it's Mike from the collision center. Wanted to update you on your car. Looks like it's only going to be three more days. Sir? 
Are you covered for a rental car when yours is in the shop? Take a few minutes to call your car insurance company and find out. Or learn more about rental reimbursement coverage at 
Are you there? 
(Lyrics) No, you can't tell me what I like (what I like) 
I ain't no typical stereotype 
I got my shades on and my ring 
My ring-a-ling-a-ling 
You can't touch this 
You can't touch this 
I've got a fashion that you wanna be so, yeah 
So full of love 
This is the high life 
Want a piece of me 
Again and again 
I got a ? that makes you look at me twice 
I can be bad but I can also be nice 
This is the high life 
This is the fame 
Want a piece of me 
Again and again 
No you can't put a label on it

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