A man shows his taste for adventure in life, and his taste for new Spicy Chicken McBites, from McDonald's. 
"McDonald's 'Spicy Chicken McBites - Walk On The Adventurous Side' TV Ad"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Get a little taste of adventure with new Spicy Chicken McBites. Bite-sized in a spicy coating. 
(Lyrics) Well I'm just out of school 
Like I'm real, real cool  
Gotta dance like a fool  
Got the message that  
I gotta be a wild one (wild, wild child)  
Ooh, yeah, I'm a wild one (wild, wild child)  
Gonna break it loose  
Gonna keep 'em moving wild  
Gonna keep-a swinging baby  
I'm a real wild child

Written Text

little tasterse 
Spicy Chicken McBites 
i'm lovin' it

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