The Denskies, an enthusiastic family, continue to try to make things better. This time, by training squirrels to cut coupons. If they only knew that Sears already has a better way to save them money and time. 
"Squirrel Revolt"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Remember those pesky squirrels? 
Well I trained 'em. 
Fun! Squirrels cutting coupons! 
Yep. It's gonna save us a ton of money in time. 
I love your brain, Bob. 
Me too. 
Enough! Your tyranny ends now, you filthy humans! Nut up, my brothers! 
You seemed so cool! Ow! 
The day of the squirrel is upon us! 
No no no no. 
Please, don't! 
Oh, he's biting my head! Oh God, it's mating with my mouth. Honey! Just get it off! 
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