In this episode, designer Jessica Simpson decides to play class clown during a training session with store manager Harold 
"Corn Muffins -- Macy's presents What's In Store?"

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We ship different merchandise to each store depending on their customers wants and needs. So Jessica's swimwear goes to Miami and her boots go to Minneapolis.  
Harold, you should send my boots to Miami. 
Why is that, Jessica? 
'Cause they're hot! (Laughter) 
I don't get it. 
She's Jessica Simpson. Everything she says is funny. 
Corn muffin! (Laughter) Leprechaun! (Laughter) Orthodontia! (Laughter) 
Only one star brings all these stars together. That's the magic of Macy's.

Written Text

The World's Largest Store 
the magic of  

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