In September, a train is travelling from New York to San Francisco, with the world's creative pioneers on board. Join our global art projects to collaborate with the likes of Dave Eggers and Stephen Shore as they journey cross-country in search of the Modern Frontier. Embark now. 
"Are You Ready to #MakeOurMark on the Modern Frontier?"

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I think what a[n] artist should always do is to be able to take risks and try something new. 
I am excited about other people's work and I'm excited about other people's drive. 
I'm just not mean enough to be in fashion. I'm much too nice. 
I like to paint and do sculpture. 
To watch design and beauty take over a message is an empowering moment. 
I want to travel the world and take pictures.  
Every musical project should tell a story.

Written Text

In September 
A Train Is 
Traveling From 
New York To 
San Francisco 
Dave Eggers 
Steven Shore 
On Board 
Ready To 
With You 
On 4 Global  
Art Projects 
Be Good Humans 
The Future Is Leaving 

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