"New Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports - The Station Wagon" 
This advert shows the amazing adventure of a man which started all because he decided to drive a Toyota Auris Hybrid vehicle. The ad portrays the adventure in reverse, starting with the grand finale, but the chronological order of his adventure was: 
Man walks up to his Toyota Auris Hybrid 
Found a secret map 
Took a boat (with his car) to an island 
Took the suggestion of a breakdancing guru 
Followed an unusual road suggested by an old man 
Chased a gorilla riding a horse down a dirt road 
Follows a constellation of stars shaped like an arrow pointing down at the horizen 
Huge whale jumping out of the water

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You are now admiring a private show at sunrise because four hours ago you followed that weird constellation. And this because six hours before, you chased a mysterious rider. Because eight hours before you chose an unusual road. Only because 4 hours before you relied on a guru's suggestion. Because one day before you landed on that island. Because 3 days before you discovered a secret destination. And all this because 2 days before, you were curious to try that car - the station wagon that is also a hybrid. New Auris Hybrid Touring Sports - The Station Wagon. 
Toyota - always a better way

Written Text

Toyota presents The Station Wagon 
MY 80 AU 
New Auris Hybrid Touring Sports 
Always a better way

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