Can a hamster drive a 15-tonne truck? Watch cute little Charlie steer a brand new Volvo FMX in a rough quarry. Will he make it to the top? Please like, share and comment!  
This is a daring test of the latest steering system. One that's so easy to handle you can steer a heavy truck with your fingertips. 
"Volvo Trucks - The Hamster Stunt (Live Test 2)"

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to this experiment for Volvo. 
Today is the ultimate test of the steering system. You will see a hamster steering a truck from the bottom of this quarry to the top. 
This environment looks beautiful, but it is very very dangerous.  
The hamster cannot look out the window, so we will have the driver show and guide the hamster with a carrot. 
Good boy! 
With the system, it's very interesting. I can steer it with my fingertips. 
All right, this is Charlie. Good luck! Oh, and don't forget this. Very important. 
3,2,1, go! 
Well done, Seon. That was close. OK, be careful Seon. 
Well done, everybody. Great job.

Written Text

Quarry At Los Tres Cunados/Ourense, Spain 
Jan-Inge Svensson/Technician, Volvo Trucks 
This test was set up to demonstrate Volvo Dynamic Steering 
It was carried out by professionals in a closed-off area 
Grace Dickenson/Animal Handler 
Seon Rogers/Precision Driver

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