What happens when a guy in a banana suit gets an idea? He turns a vision of creating healthier workplaces into a reality. We've worked with Chris Mittelstaedt as he has gone from scooter deliveries in the Bay Area to cross-country shipments. 
"Bank of America and The FruitGuys"

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Before a guy in a banana suit took a stand against trans fats. Before deliveries on a scooter became cross-country shipments. Before he and his staff turned corporate lobbies into produce aisles. This Bay Area entrepreneur met with our banker and shared a vision of creating healthier workplaces. That's the power of connecting a passion to a nationwide phenomenon. That's Bank of America. 
(Lyrics) I recall once upon a time, 
Livin was so easy and I felt so fine

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The Fruit Guys 
Food That Works 
Life's better when we're connected 
Bank of America

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