This is a trailer for the film, 'Labor Day' starring Josh Brolin, Kate Winslet, James Van Der Beek, Tobey Maguire, Dylan Minnette. 
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It was just the two of us after my father left. I don't think losing my father broke my mother's heart, but rather losing love itself. Her hands started shaking beyond her control. Just leaving the house was difficult. 
I wonder if you could give me a hand here. 
You're bleeding.  
Mom, this is Frank. 
He was kind enough to offer me a ride. 
We really can't help you. 
Frankly, this needs to happen.  
Where do you want to go? 
Your house. 
Who are police looking for? Frank Chambers, an inmate at ? prison serving 18 years for murder. 
I'd be grateful if you'd let me stay till nightfall.  
Isn't it against the law to hide a fugitive? 
If someone were to come by, it would need to look like I kidnapped you.  
How do I know you won't hurt us? I'm stronger than you think.  
I've never intentionally hurt anyone in my life.  
What happened? 
Just know that there's more to this story than you'll see in that paper, there.  
You won't be needing that any longer. When you have to say I tied you up, you won't be lying.  
Choke up on the bat, hands together.  
It's a good peach. 
I just throw most of them away before the rot.  
I have another idea.  
How's a fellow let a woman like your mother get away? 
He got together with his secretary. 
It's infected. I'll send Henry for medicine.  
Keep an eye out, all right? 
I should go. 
Maybe you should stay. 
They're not gonna stop looking. 
I know. 
They were two people who couldn't go out into the world, so they made a world with each other.  
I'd take 20 more years just to have another three days with you. 
I can't give you a family. 
You already have. 
Adele? Are you a friend? 
Just a handyman. 
We're gonna hit the road and never look back.  
Well, withdrawing this quantity is a little suspicious. 
All right son, wanna tell me where you're going? 
I came to save you, Adele. 
(Lyrics) Under a tree ? 
They made me think of you 
Oh lights go down in the moment we're lost and found 
We remember too much 
For the rest of our lives

Written Text

From Director  
Jason Reitman 
Director of 
'Up in the Air' 
This January 
Kate Winslet 
Josh Brolin 
When You Get A Second Chance 
Risk Everything 
Labor Day 
Based on the novel by 
Joyce Maynard 
Written for the screen and directed by 
Josh Reitman

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