There's always more to do. As LeBron James prepares to defend his title, watch a day in the life with his family, his team and his city.  
"LeBron James -- Always On"

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Two time! Celeration's over too soon. It's all good. Four more, four more. Living with expectations is just the ones that I put on myself. And stay one step ahead of my competitors. When I'm playing, it's not even half the game. More than anything, it's mental.  
When should I go? 
As soon as they switch, that's when you gotta catch and go. 
Man, just chillin' in my son's room.  
I've always loved having people around me.  
A game of bones. 
I do a little bit of everything and I try new things.  
You're not, you're not bending your knees at all, man! 
Ooh, that felt good right there. 
And splash. 
Man, how you doin' out there? 
The hunger that I have to be a great father... 
Aaaah, you too heavy. 
...and a great husband and great friend. I'm always trying to push the envelope. I grew up wanting to play basketball and having fun with the game. 
Got him! 
I got a lot of help from my teammates. And off the floor from my wife my kids and my friends that help me. But at the end of the day I have to live with decisions I make.  
For the NBA championship, right here. Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Going crazy! 
We put in a lot of hard work until you join our team, you inherit that. You inherit being selfless, you inherit what it means to be a part of a group like this, because it doesn't come along a lot. 
(Lyrics) Oh-Oh-Oh 
Oh-oh keep marchin’ on 
You just gotta keep on, oh yeah, keep marching on 
Marchin' on 
Keep marchin' on 
Keep keep on 
Keep marchin' 
You got to put all your pride into makin’ it 
You gotta keep on, keep marchin’ 
Oh-oh, keep marchin’ on 
You gotta keep on, come on now 
Keep a marchin' now 
Keep marchin' on 
You gotta keep keep on 
Keep keep marchin' 
you gotta, oh yeah 
Keep marchin' 
Keep on marchin' 
Keep, keep on 
Keep marchin' 
Keep marchin' 
You gotta keep on 
You gotta keep on 
That’s all we gotta do today is keep on marchin’, oh-oh 
Don’t let nobody tell you no different, oh no, keep marchin’ on

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The Miami Herald 
LeBron leads Heat to second title 
Heat 3-Peat? 
Got heem! 
Samsung Galaxy

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