The only thing DJ Joro Boro needs to rock the house is his Surface. 
Apps, keyboard cover, and mic sold separately. Surface Pro compatible with apps for Windows 7 & 8. 
"Joro Boro: DJ and Composer"

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So I started DJing in 2000, I think. It was completely by accident. So I'm just going with the flow. The way Surface impacts my DJing portability is incredible. It's super helpful to have it on the go. I can take it anywhere and start ? things. So it's kind of like a portable studio as well. In comparison to other tablets, what I love the most is that it is actually computer. That seriously kicks ass. Here you can find any program that any other DJ or producer is using on a regular computer. So that's by far, beats any competition. My set up time has been reduced to almost zero. As soon as I show up at the venue, in the next minute or so, I can be playing. There's this magic interaction between DJ equipment and the crowd. Once you start doing it, then it starts becoming addictive. I need a 12 step program to quit it. My name is Joro Boro and I'm a DJ and producer.

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