In this Ford Edge commercial, a couple driving through town in a new Edge find themselves discussing what it would be like to be loud or clear. As they find out, it's really confusing. "OR" says choose. "And" says have it all. That's why Ford is an AND company. 
"Loud or Clear | Ford Edge "And Is Better" TV Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is nice. 
I know. Great gas mileage and it's fun to drive. 
Well you know that beats great gas mileage or being fun to drive. 
Yeah, it'd be like somebody being loud or clear.  
We need to slap the slippery fish right in the gill hole! Happy time feedback! Frog face! Cement land! 
That's weird. I like "and" better. 
And is better. The 2013 Edge, only Ford give you Ecoboost Fuel Economy and a whole lot more. Go further.

Written Text

Ecoboost Fuel Economy 
Go Further

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