In this Ford Explorer commercial, a couple driving their new Explorer down the coast wondering what it would be like to play hide or seek. As it turns out, no one would ever be found. "OR" says choose. "And" says have it all. Thats why Ford is an AND company. 
"Hide or Seek | Ford Explorer "And Is Better" TV Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's nice having an SUV out here. 
I know. Lots of power and good gas mileage? 
Which is so much better than having lots of power or good gas mileage. 
That'd be like playing hide or seek. 
This game is stupid.  
Nobody is even looking for us.  
Pipe down, you two. We're winning. 
I like "and" better. 
"And" is better. The 2014 Explorer. Only Ford gives you Ecoboost Fuel Economy and a whole lot more. Go further.

Written Text

Ecoboost Fuel Economy 
Go Further

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