In this Ford Fusion commercial, a couple driving their new Fusion wonder what it would be like to have to pick nuts or bolts. They find out that nothing would ever work quite right. "OR" says choose. "And" says have it all. That's why Ford is an AND company. 
"Nuts or Bolts | Ford Fusion "And Is Better" TV Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This handles really nice. 
Yep. It's a great ride and it has great gas mileage.  
Beats choosing a great ride or great gas mileage. 
Yeah. It'd be like using nuts or bolts.  
Wonder what these nuts are for. 
I like "and" better. 
"And" is better. The 2014 Ford Fusion. Only Ford gives you Ecoboost Fuel Economy and a whole lot more. Go further.

Written Text

Ecoboost Fuel Economy 
Go Further

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