In this Ford Fusion commercial, a couple driving through town in a new Fusion find themselves wondering what it would be like to be large or in charge. As they discover, it's really not that pleasant. "OR" says choose. "And" says have it all. That's why Ford is an AND company. 
"Large or In Charge | Ford Fusion Hybrid "And Is Better" TV Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You know this Hybrid has a better fuel economy rating than the Prius V. 
Really? Great gas mileage and it looks good. 
Yeah, so much better than choosing good looks or great gas mileage? 
That'd be like somebody being large or in charge. 
And there are three ways to do this. My way, my way, my way! Do I make myself clear? 
I like "and" better. 
"And" is better. The 2014 Fusion Hybrid. Ford gives you hybrid fuel economy and a whole lot more. Go further.

Written Text

Hybrid Fuel Economy 
Go Further

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