With its compact size and its iconic design, the SH mode is built to show the world in true style and provide easy and comfortable driving. The SH Mode has a highly responsive engine with fuel injection and stop serial idling (Idle Stop System), as well as Honda's Combined Braking System (CBS). In the space under the seat there is room for a helmet. SH Mode, all you need to move and rediscover the world. 
"Redescubre el mundo con la nueva Honda SH Mode 125"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This must be the rain. These must be the colors. This must be the sun. This must be the world.

Written Text

This Must Be The Rain 
These Must Be The Colours 
This Must Be The Sun 
Nueva Honda SH Mode 125 
This Must Be The World. 
Redescubre El Mundo. 
SH Mode 
The Power of Dreams

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