"Little things mean a lot - AXA Home Insurance" 
This advert begins with a couple riding around town on a moped / scooter. The stop at a jewelry store and buy matching rings and continue about their day of fun. Years later, the woman's ring gets stolen during a home break in. The man decides to recreate the day by getting another scooter and giving her a replacement that he got through AXA insurance.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If jewelry you love is stolen, the loss can be devastating. So if it can't be replaced, AXA home insurance will work with you to make a copy.  
Give me your heart when I've lost the way 
Give me your heart to rely on 
Whether the day is... 
Give me your shoulder to cry on and forever 
Little things mean a lot

Written Text

Redefining home insurance 
Brighton Rocks, Brighton Pier 
Jewellery replacement from AXA Home Insurance 
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