When you Start Happy with the right pair of underwear, you'll have the confidence to take on anything life throws at you. And to prove it, Fruit of the Loom gives you a behind-the-scenes (and wardrobe) glimpse of a stunt woman demonstrating how a pair of no-creeping, smooth-fitting microfiber panties stay in place, so she can help this movie win the weekend.  
"New Fruit of the Loom Commercial: Panty Stunt"

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Nobody can afford to start the day with their panties in a bunch, especially not a stunt woman. Seems that a smooth fitting Fruit of the Loom microfiber panty just might put the pep in your step to make going toe to toe with ninja commandos look easy. Sound like I'm over selling the undies? Well, could be, but at least these panties aren't creeping upstairs while she's falling downstairs. Look, all I'm saying is you can't underestimate the power of positive underwear. And a good airbag.

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Fruit of the Loom 
Start Happy 

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