Don't quit your day job? Singer Kate Nash didn't follow that advice. Watch how she left behind the grind after one particularly pivotal gig! 
"Made in a Minute: Kate Nash"

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It had become a trend to, like, throw lemons at me on stage 'cause of the lyrics about lemons. I just remember, like, playing the piano and just being like... I'm Kate Nash and this is how I made it. The first band that I really fell in love with was the Spice Girls. I remember, like, taping their first performance and just watching it like over and over. The first gig that I did really changed something in me. One day I was working in River Island, which is like a clothes store, and then as soon as I played that show, I rang River Island the next day and I was like "I've had steps in the right direction towards the career that I really want". Like, I just played in some, like, bar. The biggest crowd, it was like a weird festival on a beach, it was about 20,000 people. It was like a sea of humans and you're like, whoa, you come off and you're like, Oh my God. 
(Lyrics) Everybody thinks that girl's so fine,  
Everybody's like "I'll make her mine!"  
Everyone thinks she's a bit of all right but I think that she's not so nice 
Every guy's looking in her eyes  
Every guy's checking out her thigh  
Everyone thinks that girls a lady - but I don't 
I think that girl's shady 
I'll just read a book instead.  
I don't care if we're just friends.  
I can hang out with myself  
I'm old enough now to pretend  
I'll just read a book instead  
I know that you think she's best  
I don't even think she cares  
I don't know what you see 
There's nothing there

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Made In A Minute 
My Story Told In 60 Seconds 
Made Possible by 
Kate Nash 


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