Take a look at the first teaser trailer for MLB 14 The Show. Stay tuned for feature reveals.  
"MLB 14 Teaser Trailer"

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Since 1996, PlayStation's MLB franchise has spanned 18 titles. In the last 8 years, MLB The Show has been rated highest among all sports games. So with MLB 13 The Show, we have completely maxed out the console. Moving on to the PlayStation 4, it's kinda like handcuffs and restraints have been taken off. All the things that we wanted to do on the PlayStation 3, we can now do on the PlayStation 4 and so much more. Our designers, our producers, all of our engineers, we're all really really excited about the possibilities that we'll have moving forward working on the next gen platform.  
In the PS3 we had about 150,000 polygons. In the PS4, we can use about a million polygons. 
So what makes The Show cool is we have 1,500 different players that our artists build. So for PS4 we have to decide what do we want to do to make them look better. So on PS3, they're modeled on kind of a Ken doll plastic molded piece. So for PS4 we wanted to capture a more realistic version. So instead of modeling a giant molded piece, we're actually drawing up to 40,000 individual hairs. It feels much more like a real person sitting there. 
We don't wanna have a franchise that takes two or three years to get back to where it was the previous consol year. Day one, MLB 14 The Show will be feature complete franchise exhibition road to The Show will be in the PlayStation 4. But we're also taking things to the next level with the graphical updates. Like for instance, we could only do 42 different crowd models. On the PlayStation 4 we can do over a thousand. When it's all said and done, reality is the best innovation.

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San Diego Studio 
The Greatest Looking Sports Game in History - MTV 
Ramone Russell 
Game Designer and Community Manager 
Shawn Robles 
Lead Stadium Artist 
Stadium Details 
Patrick Hager 
Senior Lead Graphics Programmer 
PS4 Player Models Work In Progress 
42 unique models 
1,000 unique models  
MLB 14 The Show 
Coming Spring 2014

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