Every Neil Lane Bridal ring is uniquely beautiful and handcrafted for every bride 
"Neil Lane Bridal Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Neil Lane designs for Hollywood's biggest stars.  
Let's have a look. 
Who is it for? 
It's for Becky.  
She must be important.  
Oh, she is. 
Now he designs for the star in your life.  
Becky, will you marry me? 
Neil Lane Bridal. Uniquely beautiful, hand-crafted rings from Hollywood's master of vintage glamour at Kay Jewelers. The number one jewelry store in America. 
Every woman should feel like a star.  
Every kiss begins with Kay.

Written Text

Kay Jewelers 
Neil Lane 
Neil Lane Bridal 
Collection priced from $2,699.99 
Every kiss begins with Kay.

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