"Mercedes-Benz prĂ©sente le film - Sensations - (Film TV)" 
This French advert begins with a giant black monolith. A skateboarder rides up to it, and then an American football team comes and "tackles" it to the ground. From there the skateboarder does a trick and scrapes away the edge of the block. A pair of dances hit against it also causing the rock to break. A bunch of polo players hit it with the ball and mallets to break it up even more. Following this, a BMX biker does a trick causing large pieces to fall off. A large deer scrapes it's antlers along the block further carving it out. A fire-breather smooths out many of the rough spots, while a couple making out and a breakdancer smooth it out in the rain. A screaming woman blows all the dust away and we are left with the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class SUV.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Don't take it

Written Text

Le Meilleur, sinon rien.

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