"Toyota. We are Hybrid." 
This advert from Europe is mostly filmed in a split-screen format. While throughout most of the ad, there are different things on each side of the TV screen, each of these things fit together. People moving, people smiling, a hammock and watermelon slice, a painted smile and smile drawn in the sand, a curve of cereal and a curve of inflatable pool toys, and sunflower and a football, a spinning record player and a spinning woman in a dress, a roller coaster and a skateboarder, two coffee cups, a telephone cord and an earbud wire, lemon and lime, power cord and gas pump, and many more mashups - many of which form a smiley face.

Written Text

New Auris 
Better + Feeling 
Harmony + Power 
You + Me 
Better + Together 
Happier + Drivers 
5.5 Million + Worldwide 
Happier + Drivers 
Toyota + Hybrid 
Toyota + Better 
Toyota + Me 
Toyota + You 
Toyota + Happy 
Toyota + Together 
Toyota + Hybrid 
Always a better way

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