Daniel already had health insurance, but he wanted to see if he could find a better deal at the Health Insurance Marketplace. He was able to compare his options and he found a high quality plan for about $70 a month. 
"Daniel's Covered. You Can Be Covered Too!"

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My name's Daniel and I'm going to college for computer science. I enrolled in a plan on I already had health insurance but I just wanted to see if I could do a little bit better on the health insurance marketplace. And I did. Once I was on the site it was pretty easy for me to compare plans. I was able to pick a much higher quality plan and because of my income as a student, I only pay about 70 bucks a month for it. Getting coverage this good at this price, I'm thrilled. And hey, I'm covered. 
You can be covered too. Go to the Health Insurance Marketplace at

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Daniel, 22 
Orlando, Florida 
Health Insurance Marketplace

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