"Meet Moto G"

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(Lyrics) Who are we, a state of mind 
Funky with the rhymes and positively inclined 
And the tailor of the wax got the tracks that's refined 
One of a kind sit back and recline 
Yo it's the w-a-x to the tailor 
Combined with the crew that bought you cosmic flavor 
A State (of Mind)

Written Text

moto g 
Customize with 
Switchable Backs 
Easy Access To YouTube, Google Maps, And Over One Million Apps and Games On Google Play 
Android 4.3 With Guaranteed Upgrade 
All-Day Battery 
Quad-Core Processor 
A Brilliant 4.5" HD Display 
The Sharpest In Its Class 
Exceptional Phone. Exceptional Price. 
moto g

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