A couple is nearing the end of their date together. The man walks the woman home, when she asks if he wants to come up for a coffee. The man agrees. Once inside her home, the woman tells the man to make himself at home while she gets more comfortable. She goes to the back to "get more comfortable" while the man spots the Eight O'Clock Coffee in the kitchen. Her idea of asking him to come up was not really for coffee. Eight O'Clock coffee is all that's on this man's mind. 
"Want to Come up TV Spot"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So, um, do you wanna come up for a coffee? 
OK. Good. So, uh, you make yourself at home and I'll be right back. 
Yeah, sure. 
Oh, I thought we were gonna... 
With authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, Eight O'Clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. 
This is nice.

Written Text

Eight O'Clock 
The Original 
For those who put coffee first.

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