This Super Bowl ad show the CEO of Felcher and Sons (a name that probably wouldn't get through the censors today) talking about his new hire - NFL star Terry Tate. We then see Terry Tate tackling people if they start breaking the corporate office rules. Anyone who took too long on their break, made personal phone calls, or played games at work all got tackled.

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When we asked Reebok to send us Terry Tate, some people thought we were crazy, but I'm a firm believer in paradigm-breaking. Outside the box thinking. 
Hey, buddy. 
Break was over 15 minutes ago, Mitch!  
And since Terry's been with us, our productivity has gone up 46%. We're getting more from our employees than ever before. 
You know you need a cover sheet on your TPS reports, Richard! That ain't new, baby! 
Hey, Terry. 
Hey, Janice. 
But what's really impressed me is how Terry's become part of the Felcher family. He fits right in here. 
That's a long distance call, Doug! 
To be honest, I wish Reebox sent us 10 Terry Tates. 
You want to play games, Gene? Well when it's game time, it's pain time, baby! Woo!

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Ron Felcher 
C.E.O., Felcher & Sons 
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