"Neu: TV Spot ā€˛Freundschaft inspiriert" 2013 (2)" 
This German advert shows a dog watching a hamster run around and around on his hamster wheel day and night. One day, the dog gets an idea, runs upstairs and starts using a tablet to shop on eBay. The owner of the dog and hamster comes home one day to find the rodent's cage open. The man starts searching all over the house, and when he looks out the back door, there is a giant Ferris wheel back there. The hamster is ridding in it because the dog decided that his friend liked his wheel so much, he might like something a big bigger. 
eBay hat sich von der Freundschaft von Hamster Hank und Hund Riley inspirieren lassen. Und was inspiriert dich? #ebayinspiriert

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If vain was a color to paint you 
Your heart would be the color blue 
Be a gradient from there 
Until your body met your hair 
Which remained a silver 
There's a madness in us all 
Who wrote the rules? 
Who wrote the rules? 
Who wrote the rules? 
They say 
Every one of you will never try to lend a hand 
When the police men don't understand

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