This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'One Direction: This Is Us'. 
"One Direction - 1D: This Is Us - Official Movie Trailer"

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People started lining up five days ago. 
The band that lost on The X Factor. 
Selling out their entire tour in hours. 
Because of you, we're number one in 37 countries. 
We never expected any of this to happen.  
When I was little, I knew that I wanted to entertain people.  
Wherever I went, my dad used to tell people that I could sing. 
At school I was always that guy who'd make people laugh. 
I used to get kicked out of class for singing Irish traditional songs.  
It'd be like 3 in the morning and I'd be singing at the top of my voice. That was where it kind of started. 
I don't know if you could have more of a dramatic life change.  
Just look at that. It's absolutely amazing. 
We tried to stay away from the typical boy band thing. 
Like choreographed dance routines. 
OK, on the top. 
We're normal people doing this abnormal job. 
They're a bit tight. 
They always make fans laugh. 
I know they love me. Even though they don't know me. 
We are so thankful. This is a teamwork between us and them. 
The fans were the ones who made up their minds that this band was gonna be huge. 
The hardest thing about the travel is missing home. 
We just come from normal, working class families. 
You know, the stand up boys. I want a Louis one. 
I can just go and say goodnight. 
That's my favorite hair on Liam. 
I miss my son so much. Sorry. 
Hello, sunshine. I know you're always used to say, "I'll get you a house when I'm older". 
Thank you. It's lovely! 
Thank you for what you've done for us. I'm so proud of you. 
Well get off the phone before I start crying. 
We're going to a bakery that I used to work in. 
It's nice spending a bit of time with people who know what I'm actually like.  
How are you, my love? 
She's the one who used to pinch my bum on the side. 
Yes, I did. 
When you come somewhere completely new, it's really exciting. 
What is that? 
Miso soup. 
Miso soup. 
And you pour it into your rice. 
No, I think you drink it. 
You drink it, you drink it, you drink it. 
Make some noise! 
It's a group, you've always got people to share your experience with. 
Nothing to see here, sir. 
They're not wrapped up in everything. 
Hey! Keep that lens up here. 
Just five normal lads having the time of their life. 
We love you. 
We've got something here. 
(Lyrics) Oh, baby, baby, don't you know you got what I need 
Looking so good from your head to your feet 
(Lyrics) Your hand fits in mine 
Like it's made just for me 
But bear this in mind 
It was meant to be 
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if it's true 
Oh, it's you 
If I let you know I'm here for you 
(Lyrics) And if we get together, yeah get together 
Don't let the pictures leave your phone (oh oh) 
(Lyrics) And we danced all night to the best song ever 
We knew every line  
Now I can't remember 
How it goes but I know that I won't forget her 
'Cause we danced all night to the best song ever 
I think it went oh, oh, oh 
I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah 
And we danced all night to the best song ever 
We knew every line

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Every Dream 
Has A Beginning 
This Year 
Discover The Surprises 
One Direction 
This Is Us 
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"Best Song Ever" 
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