Watch as Yeasayer tell us about their big break on the Conan O'Brien show. 
"Made in a Minute: Yeasayer"

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The first time we felt like people ever cared about us at all, we were playing basketball in our shorts but it was February. A photographer came up, took a picture of us and was in the New York Post. Chris Keating and Anand Walker. Wrong name. 
Hello, I'm Chris. 
And I'm Anand from Yeasayer, and this is how we made it. 
We used to both work on photo shoots and film shoots doing props, driving trucks. 
When we were first starting, we would write songs for the shows that we had booked. We've got a show boys, we need five more tunes. 
Our manager, who put out our record, he bought us a bagel, then he paid for the record. 
We were like, Can we get veggie cream cheese? 
We played in London. No one picked us up at the airport. 
Oh yeah, didn't we have to carry all of our gear? 
And so we had like all of our gear, so it was like... 
On the subway, yeah. 
We played seven in a row in the course of a week, just different pubs and by the last one, it seemed like there was a lot of people. You're playing the exact same songs and you're grinding it up, but you haven't been on Conan yet. People are like, cool As soon as you go on that TV, or whatever that validation is for them in their brain, they're like, Wow. Love the music. 
That's when we knew we'd made it.  
That's how we knew. 
(Lyrics) A lonely boring job 
Mincing words to fall asleep 
Expertise on air guitar 
So your fingers never bleed 
I know you think you could do this without me 
But I know I could do without you 
Hope predictions of future come true 
All the tin can buildings rattle the sidewalk

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Made In A Minute 
My Story Told In 60 Seconds 
Anand Wilder 
Chris Keating 
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